Shane Battier has his second championship ring sized for his middle finger, just like his first


There doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot of Shane Battier hate out there in the world, but in case the player who has now won two championships as a member of the Miami Heat runs into someone who isn’t a fan, he’ll be able to silently display both of his rings by raising the middle fingers on each of his hands.

The Heat players have been getting sized for their 2013 rings the last few days, and Battier opted to go with the same finger he chose for his first ring, albeit on the other hand.

The fan in me has never cared for Battier as a player, but I’m in an extreme minority, and it isn’t Battier’s fault. He received an overwhelming amount of praise as a “no-stats All-Star” when he played for the Rockets, and I thought it was unwarranted, to say the least.

But if Battier and I ever cross paths to discuss this particular subject, he can just smile and simultaneously show me his two rings, and I’ll have nothing more to say.