JaVale McGee beats child at pop-a-shot, talks some smack


We can only hope new Nuggets Brian Shaw watches this video from JaVale McGee’s Instagram account and says “he’s right, I need to let him play more like Dirk Nowitzki and shoot some threes.” Not because it would be good for the Nuggets — it would be a disaster — but for the comedic value. McGee would basically be Dr. Drain from deep. It would be awesome for us at home.

What’s I enjoy about JaVale McGee is that he is loving it all — the NBA, life, all of it. He is living it full tilt and soaking it in. And if that means talking a little smack to some kid after a pop-a-shot game, then go to it.

Hat tip to Eye on Basketball and Crab Dribbles.