Trailer for new “Linsanity” movie looks pretty good


“Linsanity” was a perfect storm in the perfect market. You had a player in Jeremy Lin about to be cut but with one really good skill — he could attack off the pick-and-roll going right (and he was good in transition). He gets thrown on the court out of desperation by a struggling Knicks team running Mike D’Antoni’s pick-and-roll heavy offense. The Knicks had a very good pick setter/roll man in Tyson Chandler and a whole bunch of shooters like Steve Novak who could space the floor. Carmelo Anthony was out. Knicks fans were looking for a hero in a dismal season.

The result was a ridiculous run that captivated New York, the NBA and casual fans around the globe. While Lin himself has struggled to live up to those standards since — he admitted it got in his head — he has been a solid and improving NBA point guard.

A new documentary is out about the Linsanity era, and above you see the trailer… which makes it look pretty good. The movie has been at Sundance and will hit the bit screens in major markets Oct. 4.