Magic Johnson fires back at LeBron for not having him in top three


Michael Jordan, Dr. J and Larry Bird.

When LeBron James was asked to name the three best players of all time, he hemmed and hawed then went with this combination. Which is pretty good. But a list of just three is going to leave some guys off — Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and one Magic Johnson.

It was Johnson who fired back at LeBron on twitter saying he should be on the list.

I hate the “rings are all that matter” argument, because then Russell and his 11 should be at the front of the list. Basketball is still a team sport and while lifting your teammates up should be part of the criteria I don’t know that some great players (Karl Malone, Jerry West) should be penalized for playing in the era of other, greater teams that limited the ring count. Focusing only on the end goal and not the journey is a mistake.

That said, Magic was in my top three (with Jordan and Kareem). Magic was transcendent and a guy who just shattered the mold. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.