LeBron’s police escort to concert reportedly under investigation


If you know anything about local government and local government financing, you knew this was coming.

We showed you a couple days ago the police escort LeBron James got, going to down the wrong side of the road, to get to the Timberlake/Jay-Z concert at Sun Life Stadium (it’s below). As I noted in the post, that’s your Miami tax dollars at work — except the people who actually monitor those tax dollars don’t think police escorts for celebrities trying to get to a concert is a good use of those funds.

From TMZ, who of course was on this:

LeBron James has police departments all over South Florida throwing up their hands … disavowing any involvement with the police escort LBJ got to a concert — but TMZ has learned Miami-Dade PD is now officially investigating the matter….

While Miami-Dade initially denied involvement … an officer with the agency now tells us they are “investigating” because LBJ’s escort would’ve been a break from protocol.

We’re told dignitaries typically make a written request for a police escort before an event — and that didn’t happen with LBJ.

Police escorts are usually reserved for the president, women in labor and a handful of other instances. Occasionally by the time of the NBA finals a team bus will get one to get through the traffic to the arena, but those are all planned out in advance.

Somebody is going to get in trouble for this, and right now you can bet there are a lot of guys trying to cover their behinds to not get in trouble for this.