Kevin Durant and James Harden miss playing together (VIDEO)


Kevin Durant and James Harden sat down with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose (now the guys from ABC’s NBA pregame show although both had plenty of success before that) and talked about what it felt like when everyone’s favorite young team was broken up last season in OKC. Basically, they both miss playing together — they grew up in the NBA together, then got reminded it was a business in a sharp way.

Now both are on different potential contenders. Both have questions to answer: How much more can Durant and Russell Westbrook grow (they are 25) and can that overcome the loss of Harden then Kevin Martin as a third scorer (or can Jeremy Lamb step into that role)? How will Harden and Dwight Howard meld in Houston and what exactly is that high-octane, uptempo offense going to look like now? But the odds these two could face off in the Western Conference Finals in the next few years are pretty good. Both guys are understandably optimistic about the future.

Enjoy this video via Grantland.