LeBron James thinking about becoming president of NBA players’ union


The National Basketball Players Association is without a president following the scandal that saw Billy Hunter be fired earlier this year and Derek Fisher’s term as president expire earlier this summer. The NBPA could have a major player waiting in the wings to take his place, however, as LeBron James is contemplating running for president of the players’ union.

James would be the ideal candidate for the job considering he’s been heavily involved in the business of the NBA over the past ten years while also adding a big-name to the position for the first time since Patrick Ewing was in charge. James told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst that he might not have the time necessary to get the union back to where he believes it belongs:

“I’m not sure I have the time to do it, but it’s something I’m going to think about with my team and go from there,” James said. “But I think we all can agree there’s been a lot of transition in our union in the last couple of years. If it’s not me in that seat then I hope it’s someone who is comfortable with it and can do the job.”

There’s a good chance that James is elected president of the union if he decides to throw his name in the hat, but he’ll be the first to tell you it might take more work than he’s got time for — winning champions and  MVPs, pulling off-road vehicles and building brands takes time y’know.

“I just think the union is going backwards, and it’s not in a good place right now,” James said Saturday in an interview with ESPN. “I think my voice could be huge in that situation.”

Whether or not James actually becomes the union’s new president, it’s obvious that the union needs solid leadership at the top. If James ultimately decides not to pursue the job, it’s going to be interesting to see which player steps up to take on the important role.