LeBron James pulls around off-road vehicles in the offseason


LeBron James is known for being quite an amazing athlete, looking like a man among boys as soon as he entered the NBA out of high school and eventually turned into the best current basketball player on the planet.

Some people believe that the freak of an athlete could play professional football and others believe he has time to fit being the head of the NBA player’s union into his busy schedule. Our friend Ben Golliver over at Sports Illustrated believes James might have a different goal in mind, however, after checking out the Miami Heat star’s latest video on Instagram: World’s Strongest Man.

There are probably less successful players not spending their Saturday afternoons pulling around mini vehicles and doing calisthenics, but those players also didn’t recently make the bold claim that James did while in the Philippines:

“I’m still getting better,” LeBron said. “I don’t want to be the same player I was this past season, I want to come into this season a new, improved, better LeBron James. We’ll see what happens, man. But I will come back a better player.”

It’s going to be very difficult for James to achieve such a goal, but maybe doing crazy workouts will allow the best to get better.