Mark Cuban rips Bud Selig, MLB on Tonight Show (VIDEO)


We haven’t touched the Alex Rodriguez suspension on this blog for two reasons: 1) It’s baseball’s issue and this is a basketball blog; 2) The NBA shouldn’t be pointing fingers about PED suspensions until it puts HGH testing in place. Mark Cuban tries to shoot down the HGH debate saying there is no testing to show it helps a baseball or basketball player. We can debate that with specific drugs, however the idea that designer drugs that help athletes quickly recover from workouts — or four games in five nights — would not interest NBA players trying to get multi-million dollar contracts is naive at best. HGH is part of that spectrum.

Anyway, back to the video at hand, outspoken Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ripped Commissioner Bud Selig and the MLB for its handling of the suspension of A-Rod. Like most things Cuban, you can agree or disagree with him but the discussion that flows from his point of view is interesting.

Plenty of people will enjoy the fact Cuban complains Selig runs the MLB like his personal “mafia” when Cuban owns a team in a league run by David Stern, but that’s what the man said.