More video proof Kobe, Jordan had similar games


We’ve shown you something similar before, but here is Part Deux of the Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan game comparison videos.

What Jordan and Kobe do that is similar — especially in the second half of their careers — is use great footwork to get to their spots on the floor. And for both of them that is the elbow area, as you can see from the video (the both also have strong post games). When they get to their spots they can hit just about any kind of shot, even contested fadeaways. The best way to stop them is to not let them get there, but they are both so good on and off the ball that’s easier said than done.

This post will inevitably turn the comments into a ridiculous MJ vs. Kobe debate, even though the point is the similarity of style. It’s a ridiculous debate not because MJ is clearly better (he is, his highs were higher) but mainly because it demeans Kobe’s career. When he does decide to walk away Kobe will go down deservedly as one of the all-time greats. Kobe’s myriad of accomplishments (five rings, two gold medals, league MVP, two-time finals MVP, 15 All-Star Games) can stand on their own next to anyone. He is a legend, one similar in style to Jordan. We’ve been fortunate to get to watch him play over the years. Savor that, don’t get caught up in a moot debate about status.

By the way, here is part one of the series.

Hat tip to The Basketball Jones.