“The Lockout: A Musical” opens next week on Chicago stage


So, who wants to relive the lockout?

You don’t have to wait until 2017 (when both sides can opt out of the current CBA, likely will and you can expect a lockout again) — a musical based on the joys of millionaires and billionaires arguing over how to divide up the fans’ money in 2011 hits the stage in Chicago next week.

Called “The Lockout: A Musical” the writers play it as a comedy. Here is how the rock musical is described:

Loosely based on the 2011 NBA Lockout, “The Lockout: A Musical” follows the budding bromance of an owner and player who find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter labor dispute.

How U?

With musicals, the setting can be anything — an obscure and long-forgotten battle to overthrow the French government, a poem about cats, the Mormons, how the Four Seasons formed — so long as the songs are good and there is some storytelling it can work. Actually, “Cats” never had a story and it sold a lot of tickets, so maybe you just need good music (which doesn’t really apply to “Cats” either, so who knows what the public will like).

Which is to say, this could be good. Chicago, a city that loves sports and theater, seems a good place to launch.

Just not sure I found the lockout all that funny.

And who plays the media members eating pizza sent by other media members? I guess we’ll see.

(Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie)