How Gerald Henderson spent his summer: Working on threes


Gerald Henderson was giving the Bobcats a quality 15.5 points a game last season (second best on the team), but he knows next season the looks are going to be different for him and point guard Kemba Walker.

Because Al Jefferson is there.

Jefferson can score on the block and that should open up things a little for Henderson — so he has spent his summer working on his three ball, he told the Associated Press.

“I think with more attention on guys down low it frees up the perimeter a bunch,” Henderson said. “Any team with a good big man, you will see the guards get more freedom and have more open shots. With Al, teams are going to have to double team him so you have more chances for open shots….

“I know that is the direction our team is going,” Henderson said. `It’s always been my nature to get closer to the basket; I’ve always played like that. But as the game evolves, my game has to evolve too. And I’m working hard to improve that.”

Henderson shot 23.4 percent from three two seasons ago and 33 percent last season — an improvement but not where he needs to be. If he can get that up just a few more percentage points next season he is going to rack up some points because he’ll get looks.

Henderson likely is with the Bobcats through when they change their name to Hornets in a year, and through some of the rebuilding as he just signed a three-year, $18 million deal. Which is a good price for the Bobcats.

Especially if he knocks down threes.