5’10” guy does between-the-legs dunk over Blake Griffin (VIDEO)


I started arguing for this a little last season and I’m going to stick with it — if you’re going to let guys who never play off the end of the NBA bench that nobody at home knows fill the NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk contest, then why not let some of the real dunk contest circuit guys who are not in the NBA take part?

Why do that? Watch that dunk above again.

That is 5’10” guy is “Young Hollywood” (his mother calls him Haneef Munir) and he did this three times at an event in Santa Monica last weekend Griffin was at to help sell some of his Air Jordans (this sweet ad will help with that, too).

What the dunk contest needs is creativity and energy — that’s what the dunk contest circuit guys bring. If Young Hollywood did this exact dunk in New Orleans next February at All-Star Weekend, he would bring the house down. Fans might even tune in (the problem with the dunk contest is that it doesn’t translate to television all that well, unless the dunk is off-the-charts). I know what the NBA needs is stars doing the contest to really get ratings, but that’s not likely to happen (not in great numbers, anyway). Young Hollywood won the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown, he knows how to perform on a big stage. So why not let some fresh faces have a shot? That would be fun.

Hat tip to Dan at Ball Don’t Lie and Ball is Life.