Jazz so secretive, even father-son team employees won’t share information with each other


I’m a sucker for off-the-beaten path stories, and Doug Robinson of the Deseret News sure has one. The Jazz are probably the most secretive organization in the NBA, so Robinson asked them about their tight lips. After initially getting rebuffed with a “no comment” – ha! – Robinson details the culture of secrecy in Utah the best he can. Obviously, there’s only so much, by nature, Jazz personnel will reveal about their philosophy when it comes to leaks, but they were more forthcoming than I would have though.

This anecdote was definitely my favorite:

Brad Rock, the Deseret News sports columnist, once showed up at the office of Frank Layden, the Jazz president at the time, to inquire about the team’s draft plans.

“I don’t know anything about that,” he told Rock. “That’s Scott’s department and, honestly, he won’t tell me.”

That would be Scott Layden, the team’s general manager at the time — and Layden’s son.

Frank was joking.

I think.