Report: Mavericks sign second-round pick Ledo to guaranteed deal


A number of second round picks from the last draft are going to get contracts, but the vast majority of those are make good deals — none (or very little) of the contract is guaranteed. You have to make the roster to get paid.

Ricky Ledo of the Dallas Mavericks is the exception.

He has reached a deal with the Mavericks that is going to keep him on the roster a little while. Zach Lowe of Grantland has the details.

Interesting because that seems like a longer deal than anyone else was offering.

Ledo attended Providence but was never cleared by the NCAA to play for the school (he just practiced with them). He is a 6’6” combo guard and the Mavericks like his versatility.

But his play at Summer League confirmed he has a long way to go — he averaged 7.3 points a game on just 35.6 percent shooting and 30.5 percent from three. He had two turnovers for every assist.

But apparently Dallas saw something they liked. Ledo will be a good test of the Mavericks player development system.