Raptors still looking for Terrence Ross to be more aggressive


We’ve already told you more than once that Raptors fans should be encouraged by the Summer League Jonas Valanciunas had.

Terrence Ross was on that team as well, and while he wasn’t bad he didn’t stand out. Which is a little concerning considering he may have been the best athlete on the court every time he stepped on it.

It’s a process and the Raptors feel they made progress with Ross this summer, GM Masai Ujiri told the Toronto Star. They are working with him to pick his spots and be more aggressive.

“I think we’re excited about teaching him the game, seeing where it goes from there,” Ujiri said. “He’s obviously very athletic, he’s got good shooting ability. I feel he needs to attack the rim a little bit more, get to the free throw line.

“I think it was a good experience just to see him play games and he’s one of those types of players that will probably get better, maybe, playing with even better players.”

With slashers like Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan the Raptors can be patient with Ross. He averaged 6.3 points a game as a rookie but the former Washington Huskie is clearly trying to figure out how to use that athleticism in the NBA. Playing more helps.

We’ll see if he can make a leap next season.