Top this Blake: Guy Dupuy goes between the legs over a car for dunk (VIDEO)


We all remember Blake Griffin dunking over a car with a lob from Baron Davis out of the sunroof to win the Dunk Contest in what became the ultimate prop dunk. Even if JaVale McGee should have won that dunk contest we all remember Blake… and the Kia commercials that followed.

Except that really wasn’t all that great a dunk (I mean, better than I could ever do but compared to other dunks in that contest). It was flashy, there was a gospel choir sining in the background and everything, but it was a simple lob dunk over the hood of a car.

That video above, that is a dunk over a car.

It is Team Flight Brothers’ Guy Dupuy’s going between the legs over a car. Impressive.

Hat tip to Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie for finding that.