This video explains why Brandon Jennings remains a free agent


I feel like I have beat this drum for a while — the explanation of why Brandon Jennings is not getting the kind of offers from teams he thought he would. He’s not a bad player, he’s an above average point guard, but the flaws in his game make it very hard to build around him. His shot selection is terrible and he is not a good defender. Teams have serious questions about if those flaws can be corrected.

So rather than me beating you over the head with it again, here is Coach Nick of to take a turn explaining the problems, complete with video. (One of the fun parts of Summer League for me is getting to meet other basketball writers I love to read, and get to hang out with them. Got to spend with Coach Nick in Vegas and he is a great guy, if not a great table tennis player.)

The Bucks are looking for a sign-and-trade partner for Jennings, but that market is baren.It looks like he will be forced to take the $4.3 million qualifying offer with the Bucks, kind of a shotgun forced marriage for one more year. Thing is, if Jennings thinks the market is going to be dramatically different next season when he is an unrestricted free agent he is in for a shock. This video explains why.