Sixers GM speaks in broad strokes about coaching search (VIDEO)


What, you were expecting names and details?

We know how Charles Barkley feels about the Sixers dragged out coaching search. When Philadelphia introduced Nerlens Noel to the media Tuesday you knew GM Sam Hinkie was going to have to answer questions about where the search stands and why it is dragging on. And he did. In the most vague way he could.

I’d put a quote in here if he said anything interesting, but he dodged that bullet like it’s the Matrix.

The Sixers are in no rush to get the deal done. Hinkie wants a guy he can build a team with over the long haul. The Sixers are going to be terrible next season as they are one of the teams going “woeful for Wiggins” and wherever they land in the draft they think with Noel they will have a couple young pieces to the puzzle. They need a coach who can develop that talent.