DeMarcus Cousins: ‘I do want to be a King’


DeMarcus Cousins has broken his silence about the only NBA team he’s played for.

After his new owner, general manager and coach came to his Alabama home to speak with him, Cousins has gone from refusing to talk about the Kings to praising them.

Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins said Monday afternoon without hesitation that he wants to play in Sacramento.

“I do want to be a King,” Cousins said. “I do.”

“I’m super excited where this franchise is headed,” Cousins said. “I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Cousins’ words are an important step, but his actions will speak louder. He must display more consistent on-court focus, prove his coachability and interact positively with his teammates. That, and only that, will quiet the questions about Cousins’ willingness and ability to commit to Sacramento.

Of course, if Cousins doesn’t get a max-contract offer, all this goes for naught.

Unless he signs an extension before November, Cousins will become a restricted free agent next summer. The Kings could play hardball with him, but Cousins doesn’t strike me as the type who would respond well to that.

The Kings have Cousins on board right now. They should either extend him before the season with a max contract, trade him before the deadline or give him a max contract next offseason. Otherwise, these good vibes are out the window – if they haven’t dissipated already.