Father says World Peace to Knicks “big possibility”


It seems like this is something both sides want to happen, the question is will a handful of other NBA teams let it?

The Lakers officially amnestied Metta World Peace and his $7.7 million contract on Thursday. That officially started the clock on his future NBA status — any of the 11 NBA teams under the salary cap can claim World Peace off waivers for the equivalent of the veteran minimum ($1.4 million in this case) and they would pay that amount of his salary (the Lakers pick up the remainder up to the full $7.7 million).

That’s not what World Peace wants. He wants to be a free agent so he can sign with the Knicks on a one-year veteran minimum deal, his father told the New York Post.

“I feel it’s a big, big possibility,’’ Artest Sr. told The Post Thursday night of his son joining the Knicks. “If the Knicks go after Ron, I can’t see him turning them down.’’

It should be noted, Artest also said he has not spoken to his son about this.

World Peace might not be happy if a smaller market team, a non-contender bid on him, but he’s not going to retire. Unless he wants to forfeit the entire $7.7 million.

The Knicks would be silly not to try to get him if World Peace becomes a free agent. He is not the perimeter defender he once was, but he’s still pretty good and along with a healthy Iman Shumpert would give the Knicks better defense on the wings (making Tyson Chandler’s life easier). World Peace can score some but what he really brings is energy every night. Something else the Knicks could certainly use.

What did World Peace himself say? He was having some fun on twitter after the news went down.