Andray Blatche doesn’t care about toll roads


Andray Blatche just completed the best per-minute season of his career. He was so good when the Nets put him on the court, he was arguably better in sum than any of the four seasons in which he played more minutes for the Wizards.

Blatche shot fewer long 2s, hit the glass harder and protected the ball better than his career norms. In other words, he matured as a player.

Some tried to connect that to him maturing off the court, but as we’ve seen way too many times, those two are not one in the same.

Blatche posted to Instagram a photo of six envelopes from the E-ZPass Violation Processing Center with the caption, “Lol I get these n my mail every day lol.” Presumably, they’re fines for running New York-area tolls without an E-ZPass.

Just another lesson that extrapolating a player’s on-court tendencies to his off-court persona doesn’t necessarily work.