Thunder’s Reggie Jackson scores 23 points in a single Summer League quarter (VIDEO)


We make sure to qualify all accomplishments by players at this time of year with stating the simple fact that “hey, it’s just Summer League.”

But anytime a player does what the Thunder’s Reggie Jackson did in a game played at the professional level, it’s seriously fun to watch, no matter the competition it came against.

We’ll let Royce Young of Daily Thunder take it from here:

Reggie Jackson entered the fourth quarter Tuesday against the Pistons with 12 points. He finished with 35, an Orlando Summer League record. And the Thunder won whatever to whatever to improve to 3-0 so far this week.

He scored or assisted on 26 of OKC’s final 28 points. He went 7-7 in the fourth for 23 points and an assist. At one point he scored 18 straight. And here’s the best part of it: He did most of his damage with the jumper. That’s been the top thing holding him back from really exploding as an offensive player.

Check out the clip above of Jackson’s stellar fourth quarter, and forget for a moment about the fact that it’s just Summer League — relax and enjoy the show.