Hope you liked Warriors’ sleeve uniforms, more teams using them next year


Why is the NBA promoting a new uniform with short sleeves? To sell more merchandise, of course. It’s always about the money. Let’s be honest, there are certain people wearing traditional jerseys around town we’d all like to see more covered up in short sleeve jerseys. There is probably a market for this.

So next year it won’t only be the Golden State Warriors wearing the new look, reports Darren Rovell at ESPN (via TheBasketballJones).

An NBA source told ESPN.com that as many as five teams will wear the short-sleeve jerseys as an alternate jersey for as much as 12 games during the season.

I know this bothered some fans; personally I’m good with it. I think all the way back to Patrick Ewing at Georgetown in the grey T-shirt under his jersey, that didn’t bother me. These new uniforms don’t bother me. Maybe it would look strange on the Lakers or Celtics (or the more traditional NBA uniforms and franchises), but it really is no big deal.