Doc Rivers finally speaks on chances of return, but only to say ‘I’d rather not say’


Kevin Garnett might retire. Paul Pierce’s contract is only partially guaranteed for next season. Who knows when Rajon Rondo will return to full health? The Celtics have plenty of question marks headed into next season.

Meanwhile, Doc Rivers had been lying low.

He’s finally spoken publically about his future with the Celtics, but he didn’t say much. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

When asked if he is still in the decision-making process, Rivers told the Globe “I’d rather not say.”

Speculating, I wonder whether Rivers was peeved Danny Ainge announced Rivers would return. Rivers very well might have wanted to do that on his own terms, and that could make this lengthy silence his way of showing his displeasure.

If that’s the case, I don’t think Rivers is petty enough to step down over this, just to make the Celtics sweat. And he’d certainly be entitled.

I’d still guess Rivers returns, but this has become closer to a 50-50 call than I ever anticipated, and it very easily could depend on how Boston handles Garnett and Pierce. Coaching those two would certainly be more appealing to Rivers than beginning a rebuilding project.