LeBron to those saying he needs to do more: “I’ve done more and lost”


MIAMI — LeBron James learned his lesson in Cleveland — he could not win on his own. Nobody can. You need teammates worth trusting and to give them the rock.

Now just because the Heat are down 0-1 to the Spurs and he went scoreless for a six-minute stretch in the fourth quarter, he’s not forgetting that lesson. And he’s not listening to those telling him he has to be more aggressive.

“No, I can’t get involved in that honestly, because I’ve done more and lost before,” LeBron said Saturday after practice. “I mean we played Orlando, when I was in Cleveland we played Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals and I think I averaged 38, 36, or whatever I averaged (38.5 in the 2009 series). I guess I should have done more in that series as well. But I can’t.”

He said he doesn’t really read what is written about him, which is a policy more players should probably follow.

LeBron is right — there were moments in Game 1 where he drew three defenders and he has no real choice but to pass and hope Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh or Norris Cole could knock down an open look.

Thing is he also did a good job getting into the lane and creating space for himself to shoot, and he passed out of those, too. The Spurs packed the paint and he took the bait in Game 1. Those are the ones he has to take. And make.

We’re going to see a much more aggressive LeBron and Heat in Game 2. The question then is can the Spurs still handle that at both end — can Kawhi Leonard and the Heat big men stay out of foul trouble when LeBron does attack?