Report: Monta Ellis turned down two-year, $24.8 million extension from Bucks


First of all, a disclaimer about anonymous sources, especially when the source is revealing information that wouldn’t necessarily eventually become public : The source has an agenda, and because we don’t know whom the source is, we can’t evaluate the information in light of that agenda. So, a degree of skepticism is warranted.

With that said, Charles F. Gardner of the Journal Sentinel:

As part of the discussions the Bucks offered the 27-year-old guard a two-year extension through the 2015-’16 season, resulting in a total package of nearly $36 million over three years, according to a source. Ellis would have been required to opt in to get the additional two years on the deal.

That includes the opt-in first year at $11 million, with annual raises bringing the total to $11.8 million in the second year of the deal and $13 million in the final year.

Did Ellis leak an exaggerated number in hopes of boosting his stock in free agency? Did someone from the Bucks leak an exaggerated number in hopes of embarrass Ellis for turning down a smaller extension? Or is the report completely accurate?

If the report is true, I don’t know who’s crazier – the Buck for offering so much money or Ellis for turning it down.