Report: Grizzlies spoke with George Karl


As of last updated Lionel Hollins is still technically the coach of the Grizzlies, and George Karl indicated he wouldn’t speak with Memphis while it has a coach in place. Alas, maybe Karl did speak with the Grizzlies.

Sam Amick of USA TODAY:

According to two people with knowledge of the talks, the Memphis Grizzlies spoke with Karl almost immediately after he was let go about the possibility that he would replace Lionel Hollins and the Clippers plan to talk to him soon about their coaching vacancy. The Grizzlies were granted permission from the Nuggets on Thursday to have more formal talks with Karl, which was necessary because his severance agreement has not been finalized with Denver and he’s still under contract.

The Grizzlies played at the NBA’s slowest pace last season, and that worked for them. Karl’s Nuggets, as usual, played at one of the league’s fastest paces.

Karl is a good coach, and he could probably adjust, but how much sense does it make for the Grizzlies to pay for a high-profile coach if that coach can’t run the system that made him so successful? Depending on their other options, it could be worth the money, but that small factor could tip the scales away from Karl if another candidate is close.