Ginobili says he thinks he will be back with the Spurs next season, but he’s not sure

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Manu Ginobili is a free agent this summer.

It’s been assumed by many he would return to the Spurs for a 12th season, and that is likely the outcome. However, at what will be age 36, after having battled injuries the past few seasons, with his game clearly slipping some, might he hang it up and retire?

He would not definitively say no, but he sounded like a guy who wants to come back in speaking with ESPN at shootaround.

“I don’t know,” Ginobili told Rachel Nichols of ESPN. “I think so, I think so. The chances are, like, yes, I will keep playing and probably with the Spurs. But I am just going to wait until this is over, then in July sit with my family and think about it and decide.”

I think he returns on like a two year deal. He will take a healthy pay cut from the $14.1 million he got this season, but I don’t think it’s about the money. It’s about the fun the Spurs had these playoffs and how he — and Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich — have had fun and don’t want to just hang it up yet.