Dario Saric ‘leaning toward’ withdrawing from 2013 NBA draft


What many see as a historically weak draft – I don’t, but I acknowledge I’m in the minority – might get a little weaker. Chad Ford of ESPN:

Croatian forward Dario Saric is leaning toward withdrawing from the 2013 NBA draft, league sources told ESPN.com.

Saric has until June 17 to make a final decision.

Sources say that Saric, who plays for the Croatian team Cibona, understands his lofty draft position but wants to stay in Europe one more year to hone his skills. He’s enjoying his time in Croatia and feels he’s not quite ready for the NBA.

If I were Saric’s agent, I would probably advise he stay in this draft. He can always get drafted now while his stock is high and remain in Croatia as long as he likes.

Too often, another year just gives scouts time to poke holes in a player’s game. Plus, a strong 2014 draft class might also lower his positioning. Even though the rookie scale rises next year, it’s likely enough Saric falls far enough that deferring a year would cost him money.

However, if teams know Saric plans to wait a year to leave Europe, that could could lower Saric’s stock. On the other hand, some teams looking for cap space or to tank next season might actually see that as a positive. It’s a fine line.

If Saric wants to play for the Mavericks in 2014-15, he might be able to stay in this draft and work out a deal with them. Of course, another team could always swoop in and draft him before No. 13, though that seems unlikely if he stops working out.

Besides, even another team picks him, Saric can delay joining the NBA as long as he’d like.