Tracy McGrady says he may retire after NBA Finals


Tracy McGrady has made it all the way to the NBA Finals. Finally.

One of the most promising players of his generation — a player of amazing talent, a two-tine scoring champion and seven-time All-Star who has battled injuries in recent years — joined the Spurs mid-season. The guy who never made it out of the first round before now finds himself getting a little mop-up duty (16 total minutes in 4 playoff games) on a team that has made it to the big dance. He should soak in the experience.

And when that dance is over, McGrady says his career may be as well.

McGrady turned 34 last a couple weeks ago, and after years of battling knee and shoulder injuries he spent much of the last season playing in China (where he is still a hero because of his years along side Yao Ming).

Maybe it’s time. If it is, we need to celebrate the player that was, because that player was one of the most entertaining to watch we have ever seen.