Likely first round pick Sergey Karasev back in Russia until draft


Sounds like somebody got a first round promise.

Sergey Karasev was good enough at 18 to make the Russian Olympic team last summer, so you knew he would draw some interest when he declared for the draft. Which he did, and he is expected to go in the first round (DraftExpress has him at No. 26 but he could climb).

Now Karasev has returned to Russia, causing speculation somebody gave him a first-round promise, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Karasev’s representatives, Andy Miller and Justin Zanik, began to inform teams on Tuesday that Karasev, a sharp-shooting 6-foot-7 forward, will not be made available for any private workouts prior to the June 27 draft, league sources said.

Most NBA teams wanted to get Karasev into their facilities for closer inspection, but none will get the opportunity.

You only do that if you got a promise for a team you want to play for, where the agent thinks there is a good fit.

Karasev shows promise as a shooter — he can knock down threes, is strong on the catch-and-shoot, and if you close out on him he is both a good passer and can put the ball on the floor and attack. He’s also more proven, having played this role at the highest level of the Russian league for a year and had success. His game needs to round out but he can have some impact from day one, which is different from a lot of guys in this draft.