Heat, not Spurs, are the Finals’ old team


We mentioned this before, but the Heat are older than the Spurs.

Using Basketball-Reference.com’s season age for each player and weighting for minutes played, the Heat’s average age is 30.0 during the playoffs. That makes them the NBA’s oldest postseason team this year.

The Spurs check in with an average age of 28.7 during the playoffs, which ranks as sixth-oldest.

Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and San Antonio’s long-held stability give the perception that San Antonio is old, but here are the complete objective rankings:

1. Heat, 30.02. Celtics, 29.73. Knicks, 29.64. Lakers, 29.25. Clippers, 29.16. Spurs, 28.77. Nets, 28.58. Grizzlies, 27.99. Bulls, 27.510. Hawks, 27.311. Thunder, 26.912. Nuggets, 26.413. Bucks, 26.114. Pacers, 25.615. Rockets, 25.416. Warriors, 24.6