Patrick Ewing to interview with Bobcats for lead assistant


Immediately after the Bobcats hired Steve Clifford, Patrick Ewing emerged as his likely lead assistant. Clifford and Ewing coach together with the Magic and Rockets, and Ewing is rising in the coaching ranks.

Ewing will interview tomorrow for the position, according to Chris Haynes of Comcast Sports Net Northwest. Haynes:

When reached by phone, Ewing confirmed he was meeting with head coach Steve Clifford in Charlotte.

“Charlotte is a great city and I’m open-minded,” Ewing told “I have worked with Steve for many years in Houston and Orlando and I consider him to be a friend. We’ll see what they are looking for and see if it’ll be a good fit.”

It sounds like this interview is a formality or the Bobcats’ chance to impress Ewing more than Ewing’s chance to impress them.

Ewing wants to be a head coach, and he’s put in the work to get there. However, he’s been pigeonholed as a big-man assistant for Dwight Howard and Yao Ming. Becoming a lead assistant in Charlotte would help prove Ewing is capable of running a full team, not just the centers.