New Bucks coach Larry Drew fines wife at introductory press conference


Whenever I attend a news conference, I set my phone to vibrate. Then, while waiting for the news conference to begin, I check my phone again to make sure I set it correctly. And if the wait is long enough, I check my phone a few more times to make sure I didn’t imagine my previous checks or somehow undo something in my pocket.

But if my spouse was the reason all the reporters assembled, maybe I wouldn’t be so paranoid about interrupting.

For new Bucks coach Larry Drew’s wife, she should have been.

Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times:

Drew prompted a few more chuckles just minutes later when Sharon’s cellphone went off. “That’s a fine,” Drew said to his wife, who was once a cheerleader at the University of Washington. “That will be a fine.”

After the Scott Skiles regime, Milwaukee players might have been hoping for more leniency, and maybe they’ll get it. But they shouldn’t count on it.