Report: Minnesota shopping package of No. 9 pick, Derrick Williams


Minnesota is set to draft No. 9, with some buzz they are interested in UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammed.

But it appears Flip Saunders is the one guys who wants to move up in this draft.

To that end comes this tweet from Pioneer Press columnist Charlie Walters.

Williams was the No. 2 pick overall just two years ago. In an injury ravaged year for the Timberwolves he averaged nearly 25 minutes a game with 12 points and 5.5 rebounds a contest. He was pretty average, shooting just 43 percent overall and 33 percent from three, with a PER of 14.5. With Minnesota looking for offense due to injuries that slowed Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, Williams had an opportunity and didn’t overwhelm. He’s nice. Not thrilling, but nice.

There are teams above the Timberwolves looking to move down, but how high up can he really get with this package? More likely, he’s testing the waters with what he can draw with this deal more than he is committed to it. Would this be enough of an offer to move up to No. 4 or 5 where maybe he could get Victor Oladipo?

Just something to watch. There are plenty of teams willing to trade picks this year, starting with the Cavaliers on top and moving down.