Report: Jazz talk to Jerry Sloan about returning to organization


For 23 years, Jerry Sloan was the head coach and face of Utah Jazz basketball.

Then out of nowhere, 54 games into that final season in 2011, he just quit. Mid-season, with no warning. We can debate how much the Deron Williams situation played into that, but the old-school Sloan decided he was done and walked away.

Now, he may come back.

Sloan was with the Jazz entourage at the NBA Draft Combine and he may be asked to do a little more around the organization, reports Jody Genessy of the Deseret News.

The Utah Jazz have had a preliminary discussion with Sloan about returning to the fold in an unspecified position….

“That’s up to (them). That’s a situation that’s strictly up to Ty or somebody in the Jazz organization,” Sloan told the Deseret News. “If they want me around, fine. If they don’t, (fine). They’d talked to me a little bit about it a little bit earlier.”

That might be the most Jerry Sloan answer ever.

The role would be as a consultant to the organization (not as a coach or GM) and there seems to be a fit there. The Jazz are about to undergo some pretty heavy roster changes (Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson are free agents this summer) and having a guy who understands building a team that grows and plays together would help.

Sloan has talked to other organizations, but it’s hard to imagine him really working with anyone else.