Big Three give Heat big lead over Pacers at halftime of Game 7 of Eastern Conference Finals


The Heat’s Big Three is looking like a Big Three again.

LeBron James has 18 points, two rebounds and two assists. Dwyane Wade, showing a lot more fluidity, has 10 points and four rebounds. And after starting 1-for-8, coincidentally his shooting line in Game 6, Chris Bosh made his next two shots – including a 3-pointer that capped an 11-2 run – to reach seven points and eight rebounds.

And when the Big Three are rolling, you know the Heat are leading – 52-37 over the Pacers at halftime of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Pacers are also doing what they do, relying on their signature balance. Each starter has between four and 10 points, though Roy Hibbert is on the low end thanks in part to his three fouls.

The Pacers doing what they do also entails turning the ball over a lot, though they don’t usually do it as frequently as they have tonight, coughing up 15 (!) already. Turnovers have been Indiana’s Achilles’ heel all series.

Unfortunately for the Pacers, Miami’s biggest weakness – rebounding – has not been an issue for the Heat tonight. Miami outrebounding Indiana, 22-18.