Report: Celtics tried to land Jefferson or Millsap at trade deadline


There has been buzz that Utah Jazz free agent Paul Millsap is the top off-season target of Danny Ainge and the Celtics. They certainly need help along the front line and Millsap would fit in that way. It’s just that the money thing makes it far more complex.

But apparently Ainge was trying to land him at the trade deadline. And if not Millsap, then maybe to land the other Jazz free agent Al Jefferson (a former Celtic).

So tweets Comcast Sportsnet New England’s Greg Dickerson.

Not sure how close to reality that was because it’s hard to see a deal Utah would want, unless you are willing to put Rajon Rondo in it (and you shouldn’t).

The Celtics postseason moves still hinge on the decision of Kevin Garnett — if he comes back it’s likely they bring Paul Pierce back and Boston makes one more run with them. And Jackie MacMullan of ESPN said the other day she hears KG is leaning toward returning.

If that happens the Celtics are too far over the cap to just sign Millsap, Jefferson or any other name free agent. They in theory could do a sign and trade that brings back less money, but do you really think after KG came back Ainge would turn around and do a trade that sent Pierce or Rondo to Utah? Do you think Utah would do a sign-and-trade for Jeff Green, and Millsap would take a paycut to make that happen? No.

Maybe Jefferson makes more sense that way, but not much. And Utah reportedly wants to keep one of them, maybe Jefferson.

But it’s a nice dream, Boston.