Nerlens Noel to visit Magic


Nerlens Noel, absent another prospect stepping up to usurp his place, has been widely considered the likely No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Otto Porter (positional fit), Ben McLemore (traditional skillset for his position) and Victor Oladipo (personality) have each garnered support in some corners to be selected by the Cavaliers, but it’s still Noel and then everyone else.

But Noel isn’t certain he’ll go No. 1, and here’s the proof. Andy Katz of ESPN:

UK’s Nerlens Noel will make his first visit to a team Sunday when he’s in Orlando (No. 2) pick. Cleveland (No. 1) not scheduled yet.

Agents typically limit their clients’ visits in an attempt to preserve a perception that the player belongs in a certain range, and Noel’s perceived range is No. 1 through No. 1 right now. Another concern is the risk of injury or fatigue from workouts, though that won’t apply to Noel, who’s still out with his ACL tear and won’t work out for teams. That makes visiting the Magic a pretty safe move.

Noel will certainly visit Cleveland at some point, and that’s still his most likely destination. But this Magic visit is about ensuring he doesn’t slip past No. 2