Ratings up for Heat vs. Pacers series


The Spurs and the Grizzlies, you didn’t care for that. Not you personally, but you the collective public. Ratings were down better than 30 percent no matter how you cut it.

LeBron James and his Heat vs. the Pacers? That you’re watching.

Game 4 drew 8.1 million viewers nationally and the numbers are good throughout the series, reports the Associated Press.

The series is averaging 7.7 million viewers, up 7 percent from TNT’s first four games of the 2012 Western Conference finals between Oklahoma City and San Antonio. The 4.8 average rating is an increase of 4 percent from the 4.6 at the same point last year.

Look for those numbers to climb for the next two, maybe three, games.

This is about LeBron — you may tune in to cheer him or boo him, but you tune in. A lot of people tend to lump Miami in with the big market teams in the NBA, but it is the 16th largest television market of the NBA cities (Indianapolis is 24th).

The NBA sells its stars and LeBron is it’s brightest one right now. So while the series is 2-2 you know who the ABC/ESPN suits are rooting for to face the Spurs in the Finals.