Chris Andersen tries to start fight with Tyler Hansbrough (video)



Chris Andersen and Tyler Hansbrough have been chippy with each other throughout the Eastern Conference Finals, and this seemed inevitable.

The animosity came to a head early in the second quarter of Game 5 between the Heat and Pacers when Andersen and Hansbrough were hit with a double technical, and Andersen got a flagrant 1.

Andersen was lucky he wasn’t ejected. He initiated the conflict by dropping his shoulder and knocking Hansbrough to the ground. Then, Andersen lingered rather than running up court – Hansbrough had the excuse of being sprawled out on the court – and approached Hansbrough again. Andersen got chest-to-chest with Hansbrough and shoved him before the two were separated.

Maybe  Andersen was trying to give the Heat a spark, considering Miami had trailed most of the game, rather than just losing his cool against a player who gets under many opponents’ nerves. But if that were Andersen’s goal, it didn’t work. Immediately after the altercation, Indiana went on a 5-0 run, including a Hansbrough free throw as a result of the flagrant.