Report: Pelicans have interest in Trey Burke at No. 6 in draft


The Pelicans have the guy they think will develop into a franchise anchor in the paint in Anthony Davis (who flew under the radar this year but showed the signs of being a very special player in a couple years). But you can’t succeed in the NBA on the inside without some balance on the outside. Say, a good point guard.

How about Trey Burke of Michigan?

The Pelicans are interested if he falls to them at No. 6, reports the Times-Picayune.

Sources say the Pelicans like Burke because he has the potential to get them in their offensive sets quicker and he could provide more versatility in their backcourt that could include starting point guard Greivis Vasquez playing off the ball.

Burke is someone more ready to play now then most of the guys in this draft — he is a good point guard off the pick-and-roll, both as a scorer and a creator for others. He’s not going to be an NBA star, but ask Memphis how well you can do with a smart, quality point guard surrounded by good players.

We are a long way from the draft — the Pelicans haven’t even started working players out yet. Things will shift. The Pelicans could trade down, a team above them could decide Burke is their guy.

One thing that this suggests (but that we already suspected) — New Orleans isn’t looking at Austin Rivers as a long-term answer.