Manu Ginobili with nutmeg pass through Tayshaun Prince’s legs (VIDEO)


Through the wickets. Nutmeged. Just plain showing up.

Maybe this was the first real sign Monday night was not going to be the Grizzlies night. The Spurs were on a first-quarter run and Kawhi Leonard is bringing the ball up in transition and the Grizzlies do a good job of stopping the ball, so he passes out on the wing to Manu Ginobili. But already Tayshaun Prince has picked him up and is ready in a defensive position with his feet shoulder width apart.

And Ginobili throws a bounce pass right through Prince’s legs to Cory Joseph for the layup. Ouch.

That make it 21-12 and was part of that first quarter run the Spurs had that Memphis tried desperately but could never completely dig out of as they were eliminated from the playoffs by San Antonio.