Chris “Birdman” Andersen perfect 13-for-13 against Pacers (VIDEO)


Chris Andersen was 4-for-4 on Sunday night against the Pacers. You can see the shots in that video.

That makes him 13-for-13 in the Eastern Conference Finals. He has now hit 16 shots in a row and is 31-of-37 in these playoffs. It is an amazing run. (By the way, he has a postseason PER of 32.)

Yes, almost all of his shots are right around the rim if not outright dunks, but with a 7’2″ Roy Hibbert around (and Joakim Noah with the Bulls last round) guys usually miss some in tight as shots are contested. But it’s a credit to the Birdman playing within himself — he makes smart cuts to the rim, doesn’t do the things he knows he shouldn’t do, and hustles. He has been a fantastic pickup by the Heat and played himself into a nice new contract next season.