LeBron loves that Coach K is back with Team USA, but will he play in 2016?


Mike Krzyzewski coming back to coach Team USA for the 2016 Rio Olympics is certainly a good step toward another gold medal for the Americans. Coach K has been 62-1 at the helm of USA Basketball.

But it’s not the biggest key.

That would be getting LeBron James, Kevin Durant and the elite talent of the NBA to sign up for a summer of work then a couple weeks in Brazil.

The 2016 team was LeBron’s team, so is he happy Coach K is back? Yes. LeBron couldn’t have been clearer in comments to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com.

“I think it’s great,” James said before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Wednesday night. “What he means to USA Basketball is beyond just what we do on the court. It’s what we stand for as Americans and being proud to wear the red, white and blue every time we step off the bus or go to practice or talk to the media or whatever the case may be.”

So, you going to play in 2016, LeBron?

“First, I’ve got to make sure I stay healthy,” James said. “If I’m fortunate enough to be healthy, I would love to represent my country again. But that’s a long time from now, so we’ll see.”

If that becomes a yes for him and a few of his buddies, that gold becomes much more likely.