Joakim Noah hopes to avoid foot surgery this summer


Generally, the cure for plantar fasciitis is rest. As in stay off your foot for a while.

Which really didn’t work for Joakim Noah in the playoffs. But now that the Bulls are eliminated there is a question about whether it is just rest and some treatment that he needs, or whether surgery is an option.

Both Noah and the Bulls, obviously, would prefer to avoid the knife, reports the Chicago Sun Times (via SLAM).

“That hasn’t been determined,’ Thibodeau said of Noah undergoing surgery. ‘Obviously, we’d like to avoid the surgery. He has responded a lot better. He has found something that has worked. We want him to get completely healthy That will be the focus, getting him back to 100 percent. He needs some rest, as most of the guys do. Same thing with Luol (Deng). We have to get him completely healthy again. Those are two players that we’ll be on top of right away.’”

Both should be healthy by the fall and ready to go, as should Derrick Rose.

Then there is the issue of keeping them healthy. Thibodeau doesn’t have a lot of depth on his teams and plays his starters big minutes during the season. The Bulls need to find a way to reduce minutes and get guys some rest. And not just down the stretch but all season.