P.J. Carlesimo talks being fired by Nets (VIDEO)

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P.J. Carlesimo was up front with Dan Patrick — if the Nets had beaten the Bulls in Game 7 it would not have changed his fate, just the timing. The Nets were going to let P.J. Carlesimo go at the end of this season either way. They want to go a new direction.

The Nets, under Avery Johnson then Carlesimo, were predictable. They lacked much variety in their offense and given time in the film room to pick them apart Thibodeau did. Since they are largely locked into this roster — it’s going to be difficult to make a good trade unless someone wants the Gerald Wallace or Joe Johnson contracts — switching coaching styles is key. They need to get more out of what they have.

Carlesimo talks about Game 7. He talks about their struggles to cover Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson.