81 games into season, Carlesimo says Blatche not in shape


Andre Blatche is having the best season of his career — sure, he’s scored more than his 10.1 points a game but he has been an efficient center off the bench for the Nets behind Brook Lopez. Look at it this way, his PER jumped from a “maybe he should be in the D-League” 10.7 last season to a “maybe he should be an All-Star” 22.3.

Part of the reason is Blatche made a commitment last summer to getting in better shape.

But apparently not enough of one, if you ask Nets coach P.J. Carlesimo. The Nets rested pretty much every key player in their rotation Monday night and Blatche got a lot of extra minutes — 37 of them. And this is what Carlesimo told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News afterwards.

“Dray was the only one I felt bad about (playing a lot of minutes). And frankly, he needs conditioning,” Carlesimo said “So I thought it was okay. He needs some conditioning and he obviously wants to play against (the Wizards) because he played there. … We thought Dray was going good and the conditioning is good for him.”

In the playoffs, Blatche will go back to playing about 12 minutes a game. Maybe less.

But now he’s got something to keep working on this season.