Alex Len to declare for NBA Draft


Maryland center Alex Len will declare for the NBA Draft, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Len is a likely lottery pick – ESPN ranks him eighth and Draft Express ranks him 11th on their board – for one big reason: He’s 7-foot-1.

Teams often favor height in the draft, because the tall players who develop are incredibly valuable, and it’s difficult to acquire them via free agency or trade. But because teams favor height, tall players are more likely to become busts.

Len, a sophomore, is listed at 255 pounds, but he appears lankier than that. He found success in college thanks to a relatively advanced skill set, but in the NBA, he’ll have to show more than just a finesse game. It’s reasonable to hope Len will play tougher as his body develops, but that’s what any team that drafts Len will be doing: hoping.